A wedding day is the culmination of every bride's hopes and dreams. It is a day filled with emotion, excitement, and beauty - memories that will be precious for many years.

Lehman Studio has put them together in producing the most outstanding wedding concept ever.

"Wedding photographs should be exciting and personal. They should tell the wedding story, not only as a series of events, but also as a reflection of the feelings and emotions involved"

We are only as good and creative as you allow us to be, so please allow us adequate time! A visit with our photographer a week before your wedding will help us establish time and get to know you and your special preferences. We want to make your wedding photographs exactly what you dreamed they would be.
Look at your wedding the next day... the expensive tinsel has worn away, the cake is gone and the flowers have withered and dried, the decorations are swept into the trash can... Only your wedding photographs remain! This is when your wedding album first begins to blossom.

This album is designed for the Bride and Groom who regard their wedding as one of lifes most important events. It includes formals, natural light portraiture, and ceremony events. Four hour time limit. Engagement sitting and 2-4x5 for paper included.

This album is our most popular coverage to show the style and romance of your wedding day. It includes formals, natural light, and ceremony coverage. Four hour time limit.

A collection of wedding portraits from casuals to formals, to show the romance of your wedding day. Coverage includes 4 hours photographers time and $400.00 credit towards prints.

5-8x10 prints
6-5x7 prints
32-4x5 prints
2-4x5 Parents' Albums (24 poses)
1-11x14 portrait
Displayed in a classic leather look album. 100 to 130 original 4x5's to choose from
5-8x10 prints
6-5x7 prints
32-4x5 prints
Photographers time is $50.00 per hour after 4 hours.
Displayed in a classic leather look album 80 to 130 original 4x5's to choose from.
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